Ellevation Collaborate

All educators are responsible for ELL success.


Classroom teachers can identify their ELLs, monitor progress and share feedback.

Collect Linguistic Recommendations

Collecting teacher recommendations can be messy and time-consuming. Create and send Accommodation Recommendation forms online to ease the process. 

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  • Batch Assign Forms
  • Complete Forms Online
  • Approve Recommendations

Batch Assign Forms

STAAR Accommodation Decision forms are automatically assigned, weeks before they are due, to classroom teachers based on student schedule information in Ellevation.

Complete Forms Online

Classroom teachers can fill out STAAR Participation and Accommodation Decision forms entirely online. The allowable accommodations for each STAAR assessment are automatically displayed.

Approve Recommendations

LPAC users will automatically see teacher recommendations while holding their Assessment LPACs. The committee can approve recommended accommodations to automatically update a student's record.

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Store and Share Documents

Upload digital documents to a student record and provide access to the appropriate classroom teachers.

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  • Store Files
  • Share Documents
  • Manage Access
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Store Files

Remove the need for physical files by uploading electronic copies of key documents for your ELLs.

Share Documents

Allow teachers to access documents and upload their own documentation such as writing samples or evaluations.

Manage Access

Create document types and configure permissions to control who has access to specific types of documents.

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Implement Digital Monitoring

Manage your monitoring process for current and exited ELLs by sharing customized digital monitoring forms with teachers for online completion. 

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  • Dashboard
  • Digital Forms
  • Assignments


View all student monitoring activity in your district including present and historical forms and whether they have been completed.

Digital Forms

Customize monitoring digital monitoring forms to meet state or district criteria.


Distribute forms to classroom teachers through Ellevation and and allow for streamlined, electronic completion.

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"Ellevation Collaborate allows our ESL specialists and general education teachers to work together as a team to support our English learners."
Karen Hill ESL Specialist Alabaster City Schools