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Now all teachers can be teachers of language.


Ellevation InClass is a groundbreaking extension of the Ellevation platform designed exclusively for classroom teachers. Scroll below or check out this video to learn how your school district can use InClass to foster meaningful, schoolwide collaboration and help ELLs succeed in the classroom.

NEW: Personalize Instruction for ELLs with Instructional Strategies

Districts can access online, easy-to-use activities that are applicable across all grade levels and content areas - and personalized to student support levels.

  • Classroom Activities
  • My ELLs
  • Content Examples
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Classroom Activities

Access a variety of activities to help teach content and language simultaneously.


See your students grouped by levels of needed support along with recommended activity language scaffolds.

Content Examples

View examples of what the activities may look like in particular content classrooms such as Math or History.

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Help classroom teachers identify their ELLs

Integrated with the Ellevation platform, Ellevation InClass makes it easy for classroom teachers to quickly identify their ELLs and former ELLs by proficiency level and performance. 

  • My Students
  • Data Dashboard
  • My Groups

My Students

Quickly view students by grade level, proficiency level, date entered or other fields to find a particular subset.

Data Dashboard

View a graph of students by ELL status, proficiency level or students needing attention by scale score or proficiency level.

My Groups

Create custom groups of ELLs based on class period, proficiency level, tasks required, etc.

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Inform teachers with digital student language plans

Ellevation InClass gives the classroom teacher up-to-date information about their ELLs in an easy to read online format that promotes collaboration and differentiated instruction.

  • All students
  • Student information
  • Proficiency level descriptors

All students

Based on live schedule data from your district, each teacher has insight into the ELLs in their classrooms and can see other educators also serving those students.

Student information

A student's assessment results, current proficiency levels, services, important dates, and home information - including language - are all displayed in order to provide context for classroom teachers.

Proficiency level descriptors

Every student record contains proficiency level descriptors for each of the language domains along with “successive” descriptors to provide indicators that a student has progressed to the next proficiency level.

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Foster instruction that improves both ELD and content learning

  • Student goals
  • Classroom accommodations
  • Instructional strategies

Student goals

View student language goals by domain and history of progress made to complete each specific goal.

Classroom accommodations

Access classroom modifications/accommodations recommended by the ELL specialist.

Instructional strategies

Coming soon: Receive instructional resources to support and challenge ELLs in the classroom.

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Enable better collaboration among educators serving ELLs

All educators on a student’s team can use Ellevation InClass to communicate about the needs and progress of their ELLs. 

  • Student notes
  • Student recommendations
  • Monitoring former ELLs

Student notes

Review or create notes on a student’s record and instantly see when new notes are published by others on the student’s team.

Student recommendations

Make recommendations regarding your ELLs such as linguistic accommodations or exiting/monitoring.

Monitoring former ELLs

Streamline the distribution, completion, collection and analysis of monitoring forms online.

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"I now have peace of mind because I know it is easy and convenient for teachers to ask about a particular student and as a result my teachers will be inclined to inquire and engage."
Adam Howard, Tulsa Public Schools
Adam Howard ELD Teacher Tulsa Public Schools
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Check out this webinar recording to learn about how Ellevation InClass helps classroom teachers identify, inform and instruct ELLs.