Ellevation Strategies

All teachers can be teachers of language.


Classroom teachers can help ELLs master content while learning English.

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Classroom Activities

Provide teachers with 80+ classroom activities that they can incorporate into lessons, ensuring best-practice instruction for ELLs.

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  • Content Examples
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Activity Overview

Each activity includes pre-lesson actions, quick tips, and evidence of success, along with detailed steps that teachers and students should take during the lesson.

Content Examples

From Science to Math, Strategies provides instructional support applicable to all content areas. Teachers may view specific content examples authored for college and career readiness standards.


Create public or private comments about a particular activity and view those left by other educators.

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Personalized Supports

Help teachers personalize instruction by providing them with key student information, language supports and instructional resources.

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Within each activity, teachers can view their ELLs by proficiency level supports and access their suggested scaffolding needs.


ELL Coordinators and Specialists may share and recommend classroom activities for particular students.


Every activity contains instructional resources such as graphic organizers or templates that teachers can use during the lesson.

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Professional Development

Build capacity for all teachers to deliver effective instruction for ELLs in the classroom by providing guidance around essential practices and strategies.

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  • Framework
  • Best Practices
  • Effective Strategies


Help teachers deepen understanding of language acquisition with a framework of practices and strategies developed by ELL educators and leading experts.

Best Practices

Engage teachers in readings and discussions from six best practices reflective of ELD needs.

Effective Strategies

Provide a meaningful set of strategies behind the "why" of Ellevation's classroom activities.

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"As a former classroom teacher, I really appreciate Ellevation Strategies because it eliminates the need to go online and search for ELL instructional resources. Everything our teachers need to personalize instruction is right at their fingertips."
Jennie Tindell ESL Specialist Alabaster Public Schools