Demo: Approving Test Accommodations Recommendations During the LPAC 

Introducing a Simpler Workflow For Texas School Districts


For Texas districts large and small, gathering and reviewing linguistic accommodations feedback from teachers is a challenge.

We're excited to share a streamlined process that saves time for both teachers and LPACs, and ensures ELLs receive the support they need during state testing.

Learn how districts can use this workflow to: 

  • Collect TEA approved STAAR accommodations from classroom teachers online, saving LPAC facilitators a significant amount of time when conducting assessment LPACs

  • Improve decision-making by providing a comprehensive view of each student, including historical accommodations and TELPAS and STAAR scores 

  • Ease compliance adherance, as regulations pertaining to linguistic supports are accounted for on digital forms 



Courtney Weber
Courtney is a veteran high school ESL teacher and a Partner Success Manager at Ellevation. She is a former classroom teacher, sheltered instruction specialist, and LPAC trainer.

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