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How it Works

A focus on the particular language needs of Secondary ELs. Ellevation Math pre-teaches academic vocabulary in the context of mathematical concepts so that students can understand instruction and participate in class. When ELs are better able to engage in skill-building and rigorous class discussions, they are more likely to reach benchmarks, excel on assessments, and be placed in gifted / talented programs.

Front-loading without Overloading

Ellevation Math is a collection of Primers, or lessons, that ELs complete before math class in order to learn the math vocabulary through exposure to the content. They can also be used to review math vocabulary and concepts for students who need extra support in developing the language required for math instruction and assessments.


EL Specific Supports Included

Unlike other solutions in the marketplace, Ellevation has both the underlying student ELP data, AND the expertise, to deliver a set of supports uniquely tailored to the needs of every English Learner in your classroom. As students complete a Primer, they will find helpful supports like visual anchors, a dictionary with accessible definitions, printable reference sheets, adjustable read alouds, and more.


Age-Appropriate with Real World Examples and Vocabulary in Context

With content and art that are appropriate for adolescent EL, Primers build on what students already know, and use stories that relate to students’ lives and experiences. They also provide models of where math is used in varied careers and contexts to provide windows into relevant applications of math in the real world. The vocabulary appears in context within these scenarios, not just as lists of words.

Your Scope and Sequence

Districts implement Ellevation Math in multiple ways, crafting an ideal scenario for the given schedule, curriculum, philosophy etc., Ellevation works closely with key district stakeholders to ensure that the Primers support your scope and sequence. Ellevation Math works best when it is closely aligned to the instructional objectives of the teacher.


Aligned to Your State Standards

Ellevation Math adjusts to the scope and sequence of any digital or print math curriculum and brings rich language supports and routines to your current math programs and textbooks. Our curriculum experts went through both the TEKS and Common Core standards and items released from assessments and looked at the vocabulary that students will need to access lessons based on those standards, including words ELs may need additional exposure to as background.
Key Insights into Student Progress
Within Ellevation Math, students will engage in a variety of assessments that help teachers visualize student progress and enable them to best adapt their teaching to meet instructional goals and areas of need. Teachers have access to usage, results from Confidence questions, vocabulary tests and post-tests, allowing teachers to see which students might need further support and plan which words or concepts need to be retaught or discussed in class.