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How it Works

Ellevation Strategies offers a set of research-based instructional practices and activities to help classroom teachers plan instruction and apply the techniques necessary to help ELs acquire language and master grade-level content. Add our Dual Language component to strengthen all pillars of your bilingual program and successfully reach all your multilingual learners.

Equip teachers to differentiate instruction with skill and confidence.

Activities in Ellevation Strategies provide key student information, clear instructions, downloadable resources, Support suggestions, demonstration videos and more. Our Support suggestions are directly tied to students’ most recent English Language proficiency data and help teachers group students and scaffold instruction for linguistically diverse students.

Enable EL students to master grade-level content and develop language.

In classrooms using Ellevation Strategies, all students have opportunities to develop language proficiency in various interactive and meaningful ways while engaging deeply with content area subject matter. Our teaching techniques ensure that students are engaged in pedagogically sound routines and interactions which accelerate their progress on the path to reclassification.

Realize high academic achievement for all multilingual students

Provide dual language educators with high-quality instructional resources in both English and Spanish. With Ellevation’s Dual Language component, your team has access to over 100 professionally transadapted instructional activities, including downloads, ensuring teachers can integrate effective, best-practice techniques into their regular routines.

Enhance curriculum and professional development

Ellevation Strategies was built upon the most relevant research in English Language Development and in collaboration with leading experts including Dr. Tim Boals, Dr. Jana Echevarria, Dr. José Medina, John Seidlitz, Dr. Sonia Soltero, and Dr. Jeff Zwiers and many others. Our Instructional Framework is used by school districts to build teacher capacity, plan professional development, and amplify instructional initiatives.