Expect more for your EL program

Software solutions allowing you to spend less time on compliance and more time on instruction.

Ellevation helps EL educators solve some of their biggest challenges. With Ellevation, you can:

  • Automate EL program management, reporting and compliance
  • Enable effective collaboration between EL team, school leaders and classroom teachers
  • Inform and differentiate instruction for all ELs
  • Prepare ELs to access rigorous, grade-level math content

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"Ellevation makes our job easier! As a department, we use it every day to review information and determine how we can best support both teachers and kids."
- EL Coordinator, Ellevation Platform

"What I love about Ellevation is that it starts to get you thinking about what supports students need, not this idea that everybody needs the same support. It takes some of the guessing out of that for teachers."
- Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, Ellevation Strategies

"Why didn’t you just teach it to us like this the first time?"
- 7th grade English learner, Ellevation Math