We're in this together. 

Many of the best practices we have come to rely on during the back to school season may not be adequate for the evolving needs of our students and their families. School closures caused by COVID-19 have magnified the issues surrounding equity in US K-12 schools. The likely mix of in-person and remote learning of this past spring will compound inequities even further this fall. This is especially true for English Learners, many of whom face unique academic, as well as socio-economic, challenges. That's why Ellevation, in collaboration with Diane Staehr Fenner and her team at SupportEd, has created the EL Equity in Action program.

Three Steps to Improving EL Equity


The EL Equity in Action program seeks to unite leaders across the country, and to give you the inspiration and support to create an effective action plan for supporting ELs this coming year. The program consists of three steps:

Step 1: The Self-Assessment

To start, download our free self-assesssment tool. This tool will help you determine your support readiness for your students, as well as which areas need more focus for the upcoming year. The assessment covers five key areas:

  • Socio-emotional support
  • Formative assessment
  • Scaffolding instruction
  • Collaborating and co-teaching
  • Families and advocacy

Click the image to the right, or the button below, to download the tool and get started today.



Step 2: The Action Plan

Our Action Plan template will guide you through the steps needed to achieve your intended outcomes in each focus area. Use the results from your self-assessment tool to create a plan for you and your team for back to school.

Click the image to the right, or the button below, to download your action plan template, including an example plan for your reference.



Step 3: The Community

Once you've created your action plan, share it with a community of likeminded EL professionals to provide inspiration and support to navigate the twists and turns this school year. To engage in our community:

  • Join the free EL Virtual Learning forum on the Slack platform where practitioners can share their plans, converse and learn from others
  • Watch our new series “In This Together” following five EL program directors from
    around the country, the challenges they face and how they’re overcoming them
  • Coming Soon: the “Profiles in Courageous Leadership” webinar series where district leaders will
    discuss what has worked and what hasn’t in helping ELs achieve equity in the classroom