The early test results are in. The data suggests that the delay in learning we feared, especially among EL students.

While some debate if learning has been lost, interrupted or delayed, we all agree that now is the time to accelerate learning. And it’s possible with the right tools and by acting urgently. Take a look at Ellevation's solutions below and request a demo to learn more.





You’ll need quick access to your EL student data to understand where learning loss is occurring. Where does your team go for that data now? Our leading data and instructional planning solution is designed exclusively for English Learners and the educators who serve them.

We’ll bring in all the relevant assessment and instructional data you need so you can pinpoint where opportunities to accelerate learning exist in your district.. Then, we’ll provide essential workflow tools for your EL teams to track student progress such as dynamic data dashboards, pre-populated language development plans, digital monitoring tools, and more. All in just a few clicks. All in one place.






In the months ahead, will your teachers be able to effectively teach ELs content and promote language development?

With over 100 research-based strategies and activities, Ellevation Strategies gives your teachers everything they need to reach and engage ELs, in every lesson. Each of our activities enhances instruction with key student data, clear instructions, downloadable resources, student-specific scaffolds, demonstration videos, and more. With Strategies for Dual Language you can provide your team with over 100 professionally transadapted instructional activities ensuring high levels of academic achievement for all dual language students. Empower your teachers with the tool that will help them build confidence, skills, and success.





Assessment data indicates that opportunities to accelerate learning are most pronounced in math especially within the EL subgroup. Math materials and tests are language heavy and students that don’t understand the vocabulary of math will struggle learning the concepts. But how much time can your math teachers take away from teaching skills to focus on academic vocabulary?

Ellevation Math saves teachers time by pre-teaching the academic vocabulary students need to come to class prepared to learn, engage with grade-level content and pass standardized tests. There's no time to lose - get your students caught-up on the language they've been missing during the pandemic.





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